Our values are the basis of CBM and 
guide everything we do:

Provide employees with the best support and high-class leadership.

Build and maintain trusting, harmonious relationships with all clients and suppliers.

Be recognized as having the highest professional standards in the industry.

Since its inception back in 1997...

Cornwall Business Machines Inc., one of eastern Ontario's most enterprising office equipment provider continues to be a leader in its field and is always expanding. While the roots of CBM may be humble, the future of the company is undoubtedly a vision of ever-increasing success. In the competitive office equipment business, CBM’s recipe seems to be a winner; “superior service together with superior products”.

The fundamental element separating CBM from its competition is the company’s simple business philosophy “strive to not only meet but exceed client expectation”.

This kind of success is not attributed to hard work alone. It is a combination of passion, attitude and knowledge that makes our staff and Cornwall Business Machines excel.

CBM’s vast resources and 25 years of expertise are entirely at our client’s service.

Cornwall Business Machines Inc is firmly dedicated to building a relationship based on trust and respect. Our primary focus is your complete satisfaction with the quality of our products, services and our entire organization. Our service department is particularly concerned in making your equipment investment an efficient and reliable experience.

Choose from multiple product brands:

Konica Minolta, Hewlett Packard, Formax, Fujitsu, Ideal MBM. Go with the technology that is the best for your organization.

What machine is ultimately best for you and your staff?

To make it easier to choose between products, CBM will graphically show you the cost advantage between your current office equipment and CBM’s solution. Regardless if you are a small business, medium or large organization, we offer the same quality in Service and Products.

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